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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I'VE JUST FINISHED MY EXAM SESSION! (;w;) !!!! I'M SOOO HAPPY! and soo tired... (x.x)" from Sunday I was sleeping only like 4 hours per day... so now I feel so fucking exhausted 8Dv
anyways! I'm waiting for just one result, the rest is passed <3333 YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lately I didn't really have time to post anything concrete D: same with taking pics ~~" I don't even want to remind you of my internet problems lol @@;

BUT NOW.... IT'S TIME FOOOOOOR *drums* .....
get ready folks ;D !

finally I decided to dye my hair allllll brown...

bye bye two tone!

turned.... almost BLACK! wtf?! D:

yummy yoghurt smoothie <3 green tea + litchi

Królik/Rabbit/Usagi xD 

another (lighter brown) hair dye and yerba mate tea :3

even this color makes my hair look black (.___.)' meh, I wanted brown...

cool cigs! they used to be ALL pink!

now all you can see it's an elephant's butt XDDDD

Kyo-san, ganbatte kudasai! 

another random thing lol. THE BEST CHILLI SAUCE EVER! <333

bb cream available in polish stores!

the best salad everrr (*u*)

Królik/Rabbit/Usagi (n3n)

and finally, Plunklock's ticket :D hell yeah! 
I'm going on their concert with Usagi-san <3 
can't wait!

sorry for not posting lately D: as you know I had exams and then BS decided to hate me and didn't let me post anythings with pics (=A=); I should post much more actually but too many things are going on in my life lately and I'm not sure if I should write about some of them. anyways more posts and more pics coming soon <3

ps. 1
if you like oraora kei CHECK THIS OUT :D !

ps. 2
buy this :"D !
an article about gyaru is MINE! (*3*)v