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hello hello~ Miru desu. I'm a Polish girl living in UK!!! but who am I actually?
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Friday, 3 February 2012
I've moved out. and from a week I have a new room which is really okay. the only problem is THE INTERNET CONNECTION ASVDJADCAHFSCDKL DX !!!
from a week I'm fighting with it damn it! at first it was really NO INTERNET. now it's so fucking slow that I can't really do anything, even checking my email box takes like ages and I can't be always sure if it works :7 so for now I will probably not be able to update any blog so often *sighs* I have that stupid mobile internet and it sucks so baaad (*-*); I wanted something faster but it's possible only when you have a tv (and here I don't have it >.> ) or/and a phone (and I don't have it here either! meh, I mean you know. not a mobile phone, just that... normal one jagsvccda)

okay, that's all for now (-A-); anyways I'm in the middle of my exam session and everything sucks so bad without the internet.... (;_;)