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Friday, 10 February 2012
shock O: lol !

Today I found an interesting article in Rossmann's magazine. it was about how women in different places on the earth care about their skin etc. and it was also about bb creams too (o.o); wow XD' such a surprise!

and then in the of this article they said that soon bb creams will be also available in Poland because Garnier wants to sell their bb creams here. well, sounds interesting!
hmmm... myself, I think I will stick on my favourite (so far ;D ) bb cream - skin food's "good afternoon" with honey and black tea for dry skin :3 (yes, I will do a review soon, I promise @@; ). I know that in Asia Maybelline produces bb creams (next to their normal foundations) but are they as good as those from skin79 or skin food or other well known bb-brands? hm, no idea. what do you think about it? do you think you will try this bb cream out?