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Saturday, 11 February 2012
I actually wanted to ask you if you know any good (and not so expensive jasdvcjs) eyelash fixer witout the LATEX?
uh, so far I used DUO adhesive... but somehow my eyelid gets itchy everytime I use it :7 and it's so annoying and my eyes get all teary and uncomfortable mehhh... so! I went to ask (I mean in Sephora, Douglas, Inglot and MAC) if they have any eyelash glue but NOT duo. one lady in Sephora was actually very helpful! she asked me what was wrong with DUO and said that's probably because of the latex and I might be allergic on it x.x' aaand what's more she said that 99% of glues have it (;___;)' so I feel.. frustrated! I don't have money for Dollywink's or D-UP's eyelash fixer (japanese yen's price is quite high... ) (;_;)' and I've noticed that lots of Asian's eyelash glues do NOT contain latex! (*o*);
I was also trying to find something about this glue:

it's from KOJI as you can see so it's a good cosmetic brand. but I can't find if it does  contain latex or not (o_o);

any help?


EDIT: OKAY, I LOVE IT! I found on producent's website that this glue is LATEX-FREE! I ordered it and I so can't wait to get it already 8>>>