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Saturday, 12 May 2012

just like I promised, this post will be about cheap and good cosmetics :3 !
remember that low price doesn't always mean that the cosmetic will be BAD. it happens of course, but not always. you can find some great products and don't pay lots for it (^_^)

so, let's go to part one :D !

1. protective ointment with vitamin A (maść ochronna z wit. A)
you can find it in EVERY drugstore and it's always really damn cheap :D ! 
every ointment with vit. A is great for your skin.
it helps to regenerate your skin, decrease any type of keratosis and many many more! 
plus, you can use it at night as a lip treatment :D ! when you wake up your lips will be smooth and soft like never before!
about 4PLN in local drugstore

2. Provit's liquid cashmere for hair (kaszmir w płynie)
I was actually wondering if I should write about it since it's available only in Poland.
but oh well, it's cheap and good ^^;
so! in Poland you can find it in every Rossmann store. Provit made a line of great hair products, really :3
you can find for example liquid silk, cashmere and keratin! cool, right :D ?
it leaves your hair soft, moisture and revitalised! the only cons here would be a weird smell, but it's not very strong, so no worries :D
if I remember well, I paid around 10PLN

3. Rossmann's Sun Ozon selftanning spray for normal to dark skin
I had to find a good selftanning lotion for last year;s Night of Museums event (where I was a manba gyaru for the fashion show, lol). I couldn't find anything relatively cheap and when I was totally about to give up, I've found THIS. it's really easy to use, doesn't smell really bad and makes your skin brown (not orange) ^^
cons: it's a bit hard to wash it off. especially if you spray a few layers on your skin. that's why I wouldn't reccomend it for everyday use (at least more than one layer x:)
price was around 6PLN

4. Welness & Beauty's hand and body peeling with the sea salt and algaes (Meersalz-Ol-Peeling) from Rossmann
yes, when we talk about washing off the selftanners and just a good peeling in general I would reccomend you this product :3
it peels amazingly HARD, but thanks to the contained oil - leaves your skin super soft and smooth <3
warning: it's not good for sensitive skin or/and sensitive places on your body!!!!!
use it for your legs, thighs, arms and shoulders! but not in other places! and oh, don't use it if you have any wounds! remember it contains SALT!
anyways, I use it once a week and I'm really content with it (^_^) I don't need to use any body balm after that (thanks to the oil!).
another warning xD don't even try to shave your legs just right after using it xD 

if you don't have it in your local store and you need a good peeling, use a coffee!
use just ANY coffee with GROUNDS (yes, grounds are important! not an instant coffee, it won't work).
doesn't matter if you drink coffee or not. just use the most cheap grounds coffee.
smear your body (again, not sensitive parts!) with the grounds and massage for a while. then rinse and put some body balm. effect: super soft skin!
cost around 12PLN
cost of a coffee, dunno xD just pick the most cheap one and use it (^_^)

1. Lirene's body arabica cafe mocha bronzing and firming balm for dark skin (balsam brązująco-ujędrniający do ciemnej karnacji)
hm, you've probably noticed already that I'm so fucking pale and when I use bronzing or selftanning products they're for dark skin :"D here's the answer: it really depends on what kinf of tan you want to achieve!
if you prefer a nice subtle tan and golden-like body - use products for pale skin
but if you want a beige, or maybe a bit brown skin - use those for dark skin
first, smell of the coffee (*__*) wonderful, I love it! I feel like in Starbucks when I use it hahaha xD
I bought it not really for this firming effect, and I'm lucky because it won't "firm" your body at all (^_^);;
it's just a great bronzing balm. the tan looks very natural and subtle (^_^)
around 12PLN

2. Soraya's silk touch body balm with pink pepperslim ("piękne ciało", balsam do ciała wygładzająco-nawilżający z proteinami jedwabiu)
I bought it because I loved the package (^_^);;;;; it's so... pink xD and girly LOL
but! the effect was great :D it has silk proteins, so your skin becomes very smooth and totally silky <3 great for dry skin. I haven't noticed any slimming effect (maybe just not yet.. ) tho. btw, the smell kinda reminds me of strawberries with cream (o_o); or maybe it's just me X"D but it's sweet anyways and I love it!
around 12PLN

3. Alterra's body oil with limette and olive (olejek do ciała limonka i oliwka)
available in Rossmann again x: it makes your skin very soft, energised and fresh :D
from what I know, some girls use it also for hair! I haven't tried it so I can't say if it's good or not. 
but for the body, it's fine and I'm happy with it ;D
I'd say it's more like a subtle treatment for your skin, not really for everyday use.
around 12PLN

1. Isana Hair's hair balm for blonde and blonde-bleached hair
Rossmann's product. I just love it :D it's cheap and makes my hair soft and smooth like nothing else (*-*) !
it has extracts from sunflower and camomille which are good for blonde hair :D what's more! it has vit. E, pantenol, coloring pigments and UV filters! what else would I need <3 ?

2. Isana's Hair shampoo for blonde and blonde-bleached hair
same as above :333

price: around 6PLN for each!

so, did you like this post? maybe you also use those products and you'd like to say something positive/negative about them (^_^) ? or maybe you'd like to reccomend something too? :D

see you next time,
love, Miru