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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

long time no see (>_<); !
but, uhh,,, I kind of don't have internet now (;_______;) mehhhh, sucks so bad, really D; !

*short explanation*

my neighbour who has a wifi internet without the password let us (my flatmates + me) "borrow" it xD so I had no problems before. but now he's kinda disappeared..? (@_@); maybe he went to some short vacations or something? dunno, but it sucks... now I have only my STUUUUUPID mobile internet askhvdjvhasdjavcds
it doesn't help, especially if you need to download lots of materials for your Bachelor's work (PL: licencjat)....

so, my Dear Readers! I'm really really sorry for that (;_;) ! I have tons of work... studies and everything *sighs* .... but I will come back! and I promise that next time I will post about cheap color cosme (YAYYY for the part two xD ! ) (#^_^#)v

so, wish me good luck with everything please! and don't forget about me lol xD I still exist!