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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Have you ever thought what would happen if you mixed gyaru with ulzzang? No? :3
In my opinion the best answer would be…. Fei zhu liu! (^_^) <- remember, it’s my opinion >.> you don’t have to agree with that lol
So, what it actually is?
Fei zhu liu/feizhuliu/feizl/fzl is a Chinese term for a “non-mainstream” person. It’s kinda like Korean ulzzang, but hmmm… with a bit more of make up I guess? xD to me, it’s actually a really great mix of gyaru and ulzzang! Chinese net idols look really great (*__*) ! their make up is perfect! It’s not as heavy as gyaru and not so “natural” like ulzzang’s. and since I think it suits my face the most, I think I will try this :3 of course in my case it’s still gyaru-inspired. And since I’m not Chinese, I can’t be feizl of course xD’ but still, I want to try this out.

I really love gyaru fashion, just sometimes I think not everything in it looks good on me (v.v) *sighs* . I don’t really like ulzzang fashion to be honest (unless it’s with a ROCK or some GOTH taste <3 nbsp="nbsp">x: so, feizl mixes it all = cool :”D !
Some net idols would be/are: Angela baby, Komi Xi, Hera and Huang Yi Lin.

Angela Baby

Komi Xi


Huang Yi Lin

I think the most known feizl in the internet is a girl named Kingboo. Some people say she’s an ulzzang, but since she’s Chinese, I think it’d be better to “classify” her as feizl. Isn’t she really pretty? <3>

Teheee, okay~ that would be all about it now xP but now I’m wondering if something as “polish net idol” exist (o.ó) ? and if yes, who would be such an “idol” ? how would they look like? Could someone from the “outside” become a net idol in Asia? Well, in Japan – yes xD if you look like Dakota “Kota-Koti” for example ne~ but in other Asian countries? just being curious lol XD but I don’t think so anyways lol. I think that most Asian people actually like their type of beauty (or am I wrong? If I am, tell me please because I don’t want to fail in life! At least not more than I do now, lol xD ) and they’re trying to just hmm… beautify it..? girls can dye their hair and wear color contact lenses, but still – most of Asian men will chose Asian women even if they don’t look like a typical and stereotypical “Asian beauty”.

So, what do you think about it? ;3