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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Miru desu.

today is my first anniversary in London!
I came here exactly one year ago, can you imagine? (゜д゜;)
time goes by sooooo fast...

what's changed in my life since that?
to be honest, nothing much (or that's what I think x: )
I've only become independent..
of course I've learned some things about myself and about life itself.

I'm used to live away from my family (university times) but of course I still miss them like crazy あせる


I want to share a few of my thoughts with you!


+ difference! are you in your 50ies and your hair is blue? it's okay!!! people over here don't seem to care about piercings and tattoos as well! everyone is different and got their own style ドキドキ and I often hear compliments about my hair too ドキドキ even from older people ラブラブ
+ British people are very NICE. or at least most of them xp they're kind and helpful (^ε^)♪
+ pound shops 8DDDD my friends always laugh at me about that xp but I LOVE THEM!!! for 1 pound you can buy so many things (≧▽≦) from food to cosmetics (yeah, branded ones *-* )
+ weather! winter was soooo niceee and "warm" o(^▽^)o

- transport expenses! transport here is VERY expensive ドクロ for a weekly bus pass I pay 20 pounds! that's a lot, trust me! and it's ONLY FOR BUSES!
- some people having no respect for the country. I can't stand when I see people throwing out their crap on the street or leaving a mess in the buses or (what's even worse in my opinion) in the shops!!! LEARN HOW TO BEHAVE
- school kids... seriously, I can't stand them. super LOUD, with no respect for anyone
- people who don't speak english and they're mad at you 'cause you don't understand them |||:
- underground and trains @@" I simply get lost there...
- NHS (national health service). it just sucks. when you're sick they will just give you an aspirin, no matter what ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸
- when people are sick and they cough or sneeze they never cover their mouths... disgustiiiiiing

hmmmm, I don't know what else to be honest......

okay, I guess that's all for now!