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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Miru desu

I will say something that's not very different from what I ALWAYS say xD

"I'm unhappy with myself"

but that's the truth.

I don't really know anymore what I want to do with myself

I've got two images in my head:

1. my parents' and (let's say...) guys vision of cute girly girl. guys like pretty, "natural" *cough* girls. or so called "kawaii" yeah... or at least elegant and smart looking. and with long black hair )`ε´( 
FACT: I'm not girly. seriously. I feel more boyish. I'm not elegant either. I mean, it;s boring to me? I like elegant style but with a ROCK touch. that's it. girly? no. I've already started getting pink things. that's enough for me lol (。・ε・。)

2. my vision of being a total KAKKOII (cool) type! very genki (uhh.. energetic? xD ) and hyper! slightly casual vkei type? piercings, tattoos and bright short hair (*^ー^)ノ
FACT: I'm getting old *cough* ... when it comes to my hair I'm scared of bleaching or decoloring everything orz besides not many guys like that. I mean, guys that are MY type mehhh...

so now it's the time for billion random pics : D

what do you think?