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Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Well, some random post actualy.

I love cheap cosmetics. Of course they can't suck ne.. many would say it's hard to find good AND cheap cosmetics... but it's possible ladies ;D !

okay, not everything should be/has to be cheap. for example, foundation and concealers. to me, they're the most important part of make up. I don't have money for super expensive brands but I love IsaDora's foundations (about 60-70zł). Bourjois are also pretty good. Concealers... hm.. for the dark circles under my eys I also use Bourjois' concealer. yeah, but I was suppossed to write about cheap brands lol xD so, back to the subject!

Essence - good brand. not everything is perfect but well, for that price I don't mind to experiment a bit ;3 I like their lipglosses, blushes, eyeshadows... oh and nail polishes too!

Wibo/Lovely - polish brand, how nice (^^) also cheap and good :3

H&M - you can find it everywhere. prices are okay too.

AVON - hm, I'd say they have better and worse products... but some of them (we talk about makeup only! ) are really great. Just like their gel eyeliner! I LOVE IT!

Miss Sporty - I like their nailpolishes the most.

don't worry gals. if you think that Japanese gyaru use only Anna Sui, MAC etc., you're WRONG.
not every gyaru has as much money as magazine models do. from what I know, they really prefer cheap cosmetics, clothes (ahh, SALES SALES! <3 ) and accessories. besides, you can buy a bit more expensive MUST HAVES and coordinate them with clothes which are cheaper ne. you can buy stuff everywhere, just follow the fashion! but oh, back to the subject (x.x') ... why do you think Tokyo Canmake is so popular in Japan? because it's CHEAP and nice.

hm, I started talking about cheap clothes so maybe I should write some more about it too (o.O)'

I love SALESSSS... well, usually in Poland there are not REAL sales (-.-)" things that are on sale are often just... ugh... not in well condition or not even really cheaper... same with sizes ne. but if you like to buy clothing and you can't (or just don't feel like) spend a lot on them, better check these:

Butik - hm, if you don't expect really good quality and you just want little something-something for not much money, go there. they have nice designs actually.

Yups! - same as above.

stock exchange - sometimes you can find something cool there for a small price!

H&M - in Poland it doesn't seem to be as cheap as in other countries... too bad tho. anyways you can always find something there. look carefully, you may find something really cheap and VERY gyaru!

Cropp, House, New Look, New Yorker, Pimkie, Tally Weijl - same as above. not a super cheap brand, but check their sales and promotions.

it's really good to know where sales currently are and what you can find there. so I mean it, CHECK EVERYTHING CAREFULLY! I loveeee finding something which is cute and on sale xP