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Sunday, 3 April 2011
Mood: LOL
Listening to: nothing

hahahaah, my flatmates are too crazy xD ~!
even for me lol
they were feeling bad 'cause they forgot about my birthday ('cause I didn't tell them xDv )
and they promised me they will get me something.
I refused >.>
I feel weird when people buy me something @@;
(yes, I know... I'm not a true woman LOL)
I totally forgot about it since it's been like a month after my bday xD (5th march lol)
and today they surprised me with a present!

waaah, isn't it cute? <3
they said they knew I'd love everything pink and with Hello Kitty hahaha xD
they know me so well! lol

there is (yes, still IS x333 ) some sweets inside too <3
the most cool thing was that white chocolate xD

it's funny, 'cause I was thinking about a white chocolate like the wholeeee day (@.@)'

hihi, oishii <33333 ~!!!!!

thank you so much!!!!!!!

and random.
today I made a good meal for myself x: (was home alone so only for myself ne)

tadaaaam, Miru the Cook!
spinach with butter, olive oil, salt and garlic was SOOOO GOOD! (*A*)

and my fav drink xP
Breezer <3 yummmmmm~!
this one was lemon tasted.
tastes like Sprite xD