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Tuesday, 5 April 2011
For the first time IN MY LIFE, I've tried some blue eyeshadow... >.>
I dunno if it looks good or not really tho xD

well, to be honest I'm waiting for some oppinions 'cause I have no idea ne ^^'

Today in general was a pretty fine day. Spring finally came to Poland so I;m happy 'cause it's nice and warm.
I went out with Pi-kun and Pu-chan aaand we were just hanging around and then went to Coffee Heaven.
if you happen to go there, you must try Mangoccino! (*__*)
AMAAAAZING cappucino with mango sauce!

super delicious <3

and random thing lol,
yesterday's omelette :D
I made it *so proud* lol

was very good :3333



  1. Jak na mój gust powinnaś zmienić tusz, bo za bardzo skleja Ci rzęsy ;)

  2. haha, Shay, może to dlatego, że używam go w dość dużej ilości xP lubię dramatic look, a niestety z przyklejonymi rzęsami wyglądam jakoś tak dziwnie >x>