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Wednesday, 27 April 2011
alright, so yesterday I went to the shopping center with my bestie, Domi :3 aaaand we spent some nice time together, like always when we get to meet hehe (^^)

we also went to the Coffee Heaven and drank amazing frooties <3

that berry one was Domi's
mango one was mineeee <3

Domi-chan :D

that's the shirt I bought :3 it's from Reserved. I totally love it hahahaha~
I loveeeee such shirts ne <3

I went to Rossmann for some things too lol
I got there:
 Belissa Sun, it's a diet suplement with beta-caroten,
Miss Sporty's "Ohh! Tan So Fine" bronzing powder in 001 Sun Kissed
aaand Lirene's bronzing and firming balm "cafe latte" for light skin
I need to get more tanned ne D:

and this is from today!
my new nail polish from Avon, super blue <333 I love the colour

and uhhh, my fat (-____-)' I wanted to post just to motivate myself to lose some weight D":

today when I was walking with my dog I found this!
I hope it will bring me luck ne!

love you guys <3