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Friday, 30 March 2012

Hello my Dears!
Today I wanted to make a small review of my pressed powder!
It’s from Inglot (polish brand, yay :D ! *proud* ) aaand it has number 14 lol. ß check them out! Maybe their shop is available in your country (^_^)
Let’s see…

The packaging:

I actually really it! It’s black and looks nice. Inside you will find also a mirror and the make up sponge.


I know it depends on your skin tone. But in my opinion, Inglot’s powders (and foundations, etc.) has a really great range of colors! I didn’t have any problem to pick the best one for me!

Consistency and smell:

Powdery, but not too lose. Very delicate and I’d say.. a bit silky. Smell is really subtle, I don’t think you’ll even notice it.

Lasting and looks:
Hm, my skin isn’t oily. It’s rather combined going more to the dry type so I can’t really tell if it will give you that super mattifying effect lasting for hours. But when it comes to my skin, it’s quite okay. The powder will give you a very natural look, not a mask-like type. It doesn’t get heavy during the day either. When I use it in the morning and have to wear make up for the whole day, it needs some small re-touches every few hours :7 . When I went to the concert (and got a bit sweaty, which is a totally normal thing on the events like that…. ) it started to get a bit shiny and I had to make a re-touch :C

I don’t know how expensive Inglot’s cosmetics are outside Poland, but inside the country I think the price is good. I HONESTLY forgot how much did it cost, but it was about 30 or 30-something polish zloty. Not bad, huh?

Final opinion:
Okay, I like this powder! It’s great for everyday use and when you like to look natural (not like you’re wearing a loadssss of it)! Price is fine comparing to the quality. In Poland you can actually buy it everywhere (I think so at least o.o; ). But knowing me, next time I will of course search for another cosmetic “treasure” ;333
In general I’d give it 4/5! Good range of colors, nice packaging, fine lasting and an okay price!

OHHH, I forgot to mention! This is not the best buy if you’re looking for a powder that will cover all your blemishes or just skin-problems D: ! it will give you a really delicate and natural look! So I wouldn’t recommend you that if you don’t have a good concealer OR/AND your skin is a good condition!