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Monday, 12 March 2012
PLUNKLOCK II 29, my birthday and a SHIRT!


I wanted to write a long relation from PLUNKLOCK’s live in Warsaw from 29 feb., buuuut I just saw the pics I was taking during the concert and ughhh… only ONE looks QUITE okay (T__T) too bad! Meh…


We went there with Królik/Rabbit/Usagi (jesus, Królik-san! you have to tell me how should I call you here xD ! ) and lol… we were LATE. Haha, stupid bus and stupid club which is sooooooooooooooo far away from the city centre D: ! DAMN YOU, STUPID CLUB! Okay, so we got there a bit late >_>; but the concert was so cool :D ! I really like it when I go to the concert and the band plays live REALLY GOOD!

After the concert was meet&greet thingie (^^). We bought the CD’s and were able to talk with the band a bit :3 and of course get autographs x333’ me likey! Hoho, Haro-san said my Japanese is good (LOL, you Japanese compliment-man XD ! but it felt good, haha!). the band was really REALLYYYYYY nice and very social! Very nice, ne :D !

And today I got THAT from my university friend hahaha xD you will never guess what’s that! She also went to the Germany for their concert and she said that band members recognized her (no wonder XD ! she had a VIP ticket and gave Kazuki-san a plushie! SO CUTEEE!) and bought her some sweets (OwO); I was like “wow!” when she gave me that hahaha xDDD’ so nice!


My birthday…. SUCKED XD! That day always suck lol. I always want everyone to not remember about that stupid day. The only super nice thing was that Królik-san made pancakes which were sooo jasvdjacvdsjvcaj GOOD! Yes, I DO love pancakes! They were so yummyyyyy, thank you so much <3 !!!!

And I got also this from my German friend Jessica-chan <3 ! OMG, thank you so much! It was really reallyyyy nice <3 ! (I wanted to thank you on fb but at first I had problems with messages and then I totally forgot, I’m sorry ;; !!!!!)

And now, todaaaaaaaay, I got THIS from Królik-san (*___*) ! you have to admit, that girl has a talent! I love it so much ahhhhh >w< !!!!!

I REALLY DO NEED THESE BROWN BAMBI LENSES (aka princess mimi chocolate brown) D": ! but no money *SIGHHSSS* ajsvdjasvd

somebody pleaseee buy me them (;w;)'