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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I feel like spamming this post with pics so let's start ne ;D !

some time ago we went with Usagi-san to TK-Maxx, just to check what they have there and stuff...
and we saw THESE (*___*)

aren't they cool? (;_;) I want one of these (;w;)

next thing:
I finally got my camera, charger and usb cable with me XD 
which meaaaaans: TADAAA, REVIEWS!
I got these Joko's mineral blusher and Miyo's mascara. reviews coming soon!

random pic of Usagi-san helping me in the kitchen 8D

my friend started doing lash extensions and because we're in good terms, she did it to me for free (^_^)! 
when she set up this business, I'm going to put an advertise here :3
for now just pics! my eyes with exte (no make up)

and with make up (below)

cool thing! and pretty comfortable, really!

ah, another buys!
Rossmann's body balm that protects you while tanning
aaaand a hair dye.

tanning 8D

and now! my current hair!
I want to change the shade of this color in a week or so.
but this is how it looks now!

so, what do you think? (^_^)
I've already made one review post but I have to change it a bit and then I will post it (^^)v it should be here this week XD' PROMISE!

love love,