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Thursday, 1 March 2012

hello my dears!
I'm so sorry for not updating my blog lately D:
I'm such a lazy-ass (;___;)
but I've planned so many posts I don't even know where to start LOL

anyways... school started again *blah*
and the weather here is AWFUL so it makes me even more lazy and all UGHHHH >.<
yesterday I was on the amaaazing concert C:
the band was pretty awesome (PLUNKLOCK, check them out if you like japanese rock ^^ ) and very nice! I will upload pictures in some other day >_>; anyways :D after the concert was meet&greet part, so I bought their single and then I got autographs (^_^)v and finally I could use my weak japanese lol so I got to talk to all of them a bit :D' Pinky-san called me "Tora (tiger)" because of my amazing hat/hoodie/scarf-thing :"D uh oh, I love concerts <3 what's more, Halo-san said that my japanese is good (YEAAAAH, RIGHT X'D *sighs* japanese compliments u.u' ) which made me feel so-freaking-awesome ;D

some gyaru update:
I'm getting more and more into oraora kei (@.@); I love this style sooooo much but of course I fail at this :"D dunno, lol. maybe I'm just not suppossed to just LOOK GOOD (o.o);

alright, that'd be all for now :3
I hope spring will come soon and give me some power to WORK (at everything ~~" ) >.<

love love,