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Friday, 2 March 2012
To be or not to be… gyaru.

Hello my dear Readers!

Today I wanted to write anotherrrrr boriiiing personal post ;D about ME being gyaru… or not. Hm, you’ve probably noticed that I totally loveee gyaru fashion and just the whole culture/subculture they made! Lately many girls (European, American, etc.) who are following gyaru fashion (and lifestyle sometimes too) started calling themselves gaijin gyaru (to people who don’t know the word “gaijin” I will explain. Gaijin in Japanese means just someone from the outside, the foreigner. But it’s not really in a positive meaning. More positive would be gaikokujin, srsly. So I dunno why this GAIJIN gyaru >.> )… And well, another thing is that I will never understand who actually is that gaijin gyaru LOL. A gal who is outside Japan or a gal who is not Asian (funny, ‘cause Chinese and Korean gyaru for example should be actually gaijin too… o.o; ). Okay, back to the subject >.<’

What DOES make you a gaijin gyaru? The answer issss… NO IDEA :”D ! you can wear circle lenses and you don’t have to be gyaru (I’ve seen a shopstaff girl from Sephora wearing them, and believe me. If you’d ask her about gyaru she wouldn’t know… ). Big and bleached hair? It doesn’t make you gyaru either outside Japan! Fashion..? hmm, I guess you will see some “normal” girls in your city dressed like gyaru and that’s just nothing special there, just a NORMAL typical fashion. So, you can’t really know how to recognize a gal in Europe for example (OKAY OKAY, unless someone is doing manba or a very noticeable hime). The worst part is that some lj community (*coughcoughgyarusecretscoughcough*) can make decision for you! HAHA, FEARRRRR MY DEAR GYARU! Some people there will never EVER show their faces and if they somehow notice you somewhere and think you’re not gyaru (of course to their opinion….) they will post a SECRET about you! Don’t expect any positive criticism! They will just say you’re too fat/ugly/pale/too tanned/whatever to be gyaru. Who gave them the right to say that?

I think that would be really awesome if notable gaijin gals could do.. something.. to help the beginners! Help them improve their make up, hair… tell them what clothes would be the best for them. And what’s more: GIVE A NORMAL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! I’m not saying that if you want to be gyaru, and you’re REALLY beginning with it you will be perfect just like that. But does it mean everyone should criticize you? And tell you all those shitty things just because they’re mostly no-lives? Hmmmm… NO.

I’m still learning myself. I don’t think I will ever call myself gyaru… because I simply don’t deserve that. No matter how hard I try, I always fail and I know that. So is there any sense in trying? Well, I really admire some Japanese models and I want to be as good as they are! They’ve reached perfection in doing their hair and make up. I want that too.

Another thing is that in gaijin gyaru world you can be (usually… ) seen as gyaru ONLY if you follow the cute, kawaii gyaru styles or really hardcore ones like manba. Oneegyaru? NAAAAH. Oraora kei? NAAAH. B-kei? NAAAAH. “that’s so not gal” lol (-_-)’ . “gyaru don’t have tattoos, piercings, blah blah blah…”. WHAAAAT THE HELL?!

*sighs* I’m kinda getting lost in this post @@; I just wish I had someone who would help me improve. And don’t tell me to buy original BRAND clothing or DollyWink lashes because I simply DO NOT HAVE MONEY. Do you think in Japan every gyaru has billions in their wallets? Hell no. They use cheap cosmetics (in Japan that would be Canmake and other things from 100yen stores!), search for clothing sales and price occasions. Not everyone is rich. So I’d really love if some gals stopped with that shit :7 it’s like “OOOH, you don’t have 4545215$ to buy ORIGINAL JAPANESE cosmetics O: ?! Oh my God! You can’t be gyaru then” . It’s an irony of course, but sometimes you can actually read that between the lines. Sorry, not every country is rich.

So, now tell me. To be gyaru? Or not to be?