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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello my Dear Readers!
at first let me warn me it's gonna be another personal post about my health O: !

I used to be a fat child, honestly :7 I still remember times when I couldn't buy any trousers because all of them were too small for me... It was because of my athyroidosis (pl.: niedoczynność tarczycy). when you have athyroidosis you gain weight (TOO! D: ) easily because your metabolism gets rebellious and even if you drink only water and "eat" thei air - you can still become a bit fatty *sighs* . I didn't really have problems with it since I was 13, but now that shit came back to me >.< you can imagine how bad I do actually feel :7
the symptoms are: pale (LOL, really x"D ! ) and dry skin, getting easily cold, gaining weight of course and feeling "heavy", bad hair and nails condition, being sleepy and tired all the time. sucks, I know (-_-); I started gaining weight in the summer when in like 3 weeks I got extra 10kg. wtf, it's not normal D: ! so from 42kg I went to 52kg.
I'M NOT SAYING THAT 52KG WEIGHT MAKES YOU FAT! I'm just saying that when it comes to my body shape (pear shape), my height (164cm) and other stuff like that I look good only when I'm around 45kg. my waist is REALLY thin (and my flat chest too, lolz) and I get fatter only on my thighs and butt so now I look a bit... disproportionate :C
tomorrow I will go to do that TSH blood test (EEEEK! somebody please help me askjdvjasvd *traumatic*) and theeeen I will have to go to the doctor (hopefully soon >> ). meh, another damn pills to take (-__-) stupid hormones, stupid athyroidosis!!! DX

I was also searching about that thing on the internet. and what I've found is that if you have athyroidosis, besides taking the right hormones - you NEED a good and balanced diet. so ugh, now I have to be even more careful of what I do eat >____<; and from the lists I've found it doesn't seem to be much >>;
for example I should eat: lots of dairy products (they kick your metabolism in the butt to make it work), vegetables (not all of them tho.. ), brown rice, lots of sea fish, red and green tea, spinach etc.
so! I honestly hope I'll be able to see the doctor soon and go back to my normal weight as quick as possible >.< ! wish me good luck!

love love,

27.03.2012 EDIT:
I got my results today lol. the norm is between 0,55-4,0 and mine is 5.71 LOL
yes, higher result means athyroidosis. shit happens >.> mehhh