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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

good news my Dear Readers :D !
Today I went to check out one room that my friend reccommended to me :D
and guess what!
I'm gonna live with two girls which are 1st year students (two years younger than me >.> I'm gonna feel like a grandma v___v;;; ). they were so nice and funny and just NORMAL girls <3 !
I hope we will become friends :3 they said I'm nice and they can't wait for me to move in >w< how cute was that!

anyways, flats/rooms to rent in Warsaw got really expensive lately *sighs* .... too bad that the salaries are still the same... I really feel bad with the fact my parents pay for my school and just for my LIFE in general... without their support I'd be nowhere. Yes, I really DO love my parents. they aren't perfect, but who is?
if you move out from your parents' house, you will get what I mean. you're gonna miss them, even tho they could be really annoying sometimes xP you're gonna miss someone who is there for you, who will cook for you when you come back late, who cares for you (especially when you feel sick) and loves you no matter what. I call my mom everyday, usually for like 545845416 times hahaha~ and even tho they didn't always have time for me, I'm happy to have them. I know they're working really hard to make my dreams come true. without them I wouldn't be here, in Warsaw, studying what I want and on the university I want. I know they feel guilty because when I was a child, my dad had to work in Warsaw (which was pretty far away from the placed I used to live then) and he was only at home for weekends. he was there alone (I mean away from the family) and with a totally ASSHOLE boss who made my dad sick (both psychically and physically, but I'm so glad he is fine now <3 ). my mom had to work in the shop with two shifts (I'm not sure about this word asvdjascd, you know... when you work like from 6am-3pm one week and 3pm-10pm the other week) and I was home alone. but honestly, I've never felt bad with it. I just knew it had to be like that. even when I was just 8 years old.


and I wanted to talk about renting flats and rooms (~_~); sorry, you can actually leave that part :"D

FOR SHORT: I got a room and I'm happy LOL x'D