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Sunday, 22 January 2012

and not enough money (@_@); like always....


what do I actually need to buy?
1. foundation brush: I NEED IT! and a really good one! D: but... they're expensive (the good ones of course) (-A-)' it seems like 90% of things in my country is damn expensive >_> that's because our currency is weak (-A-)' fuck fuck fuck..
2. blending brush: do I really have to explain..?
3. new circle lenses. the current ones have already about 6 months (they're for 1 year's use tho) but they get a bit.. hmm.. dry after a few hours :7
4. good lash adhesive XD am I the only person who HATES that DUO glue? X"D
5. xen-tan. it's a self-tanning lotion recommended by Pin <3 (thank you Pin! your tan is always so gorgeous ;A; <3333 ). it's expensive too so hmm 8'D

and of course 5456165485845 things more.....
I don't know what to do with myself lately >.> of course in between learnin, writing stuff for school etc.
and about that flat... we will see tomorrow! I really want it, it was so cool (;A;)


bye now <3