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Monday, 16 January 2012

hi thereeee~
there's nothing really to write about.
all the time I think about that new flat I still don't have and about all the exams and essays I will have to write 

some new things.
and some randoms!

okay, my baby Miku :D
he doesn't like being photographed (u.u) everytime he does something cute and I want to take a pic he just hides or stops doing this (;_;)

small shopping.
my mom bought me these (;o;) <3

it's BIG and it's just AHHHH <3
I so love it!

totally <333
I so wish their clothing and accessories were cheaper (-_-)'

a sweater from RESERVED's sale :D
it's long and so comfy <3

aaand this shampoo.
polish brand, Joanna.
it's a shampoo for silver and blond-dyed hair.
producer says that it will remove the yellowish from hair and leave it all nice and platinum coloured.
we will see...

more of my hair :"D
tried to add some moar volume (~.~)'

and today's make up >.>;

btw, do you know any good highlighter? I need some for my nose x: and under my eyes (v.v)'
normally, I'd order one of those from Canmake:

or these:

but with yen's current price I think I won't do that any soon >.>
do you know any other (CHEAP :D !!!! ) thing I could use for highlighting?
and one more thing, it can't be like a white paint >.<;
I can't go out looking like manba (@3@);

that's all for now!