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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hello :D
Today I received a package from my beloved friend from Germany - Jessa (n3n) but later about it >w< !
Anyways, I still do not feel well, yesterday I got food poisoning and what's more - yesterday's evening something's happened to my eye (o.ó)' it looks normal but it hurts really bad, especially when I close my eyes or I wink... I feel like someone has poured and acid into my eye, really hurts (;___;) it's all teary and blah.. no idea what's going on... my dad bought me some eye drops and I hope that will do. otherwise I won't be able to wear contact lenses and use any make up (x_x) *dies*

okay, a few days ago my mom and I went to some market (cheap clothing and stuff :"D ! ) aaand she got me those (^_^):

dunno if I look good or bad, but I really love them x3

hairrr... so! I finally tried out Pin's advice about that baby powder :D !
I didn't really use that ( ^^;;;;;;; ) but I had some body talk... so I used that instead :"D
the effect was the same so I think that works as well :3

extentions look more natural now and they smell pretty good :"D (perfumed body talk lol! )

okay, my new love, HEROES VI!!!!

wohooo! that game is AWESOMEEEE! but hell, I must be a really bad player OR the game is somehow hard, 'cause after the first training campaign I can't win anything else.... what the hell (;_;) it kills the fun...

any help? trciks, tips, cheats..? X"D

okay, to the package <3

tadaaa :D

I opened it and I was like "... what's that x'D " but I turned it around and....

a lovely letter <3 I always read letters first <3


and two skin care products (>w<) !

so lovelyyyyy, thank you so much Jessa (;A;)~<3
I'm gonna find something cool with pandas and send you it (>O<) !!!!!!