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Thursday, 12 January 2012

today I tried to do something with my hair (yes, my OWN hair lol) :"D
I was inspired by Suzu's hair from 07.2009 Ranzuki's issue

(first hair-do x: )

as you know, my hair isn't THAT long so I couldn't do EXACTLY the same thing (~_~);
maybe some other day I will try this second one >.>

okay, pics!
(btw, sorry for my ajsvdjvas make up x.x' it's in progress lol. yes, I'm doing it now ^^" )

tadaaa, shitty face (~.~);;;
I thought my fringe is long enough but when I was teasing it, it didn't really get as much of volume as I wanted it to be (;A;)'

fugly face kjasbvdkhvajsvhdadjgkjsd
plastic surgery needed NOW lolz (-A-);
okay, that's all for now!