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Monday, 2 January 2012

hiya (^_^)/ !
how are you doing in this new year? :3
I should be at school today but uhh... I so didn't want to go back to Warsaw yet, so I decided to stay at home 'til tomorrow (._.)' there's no better place than your own home!

but! back to the subject.
actually I wanted to ask for help/tipses/anything :'D
lol, it may sound really stupid but I honestly have a problem with that (o.ó)'
my hair x:
I wash it every evening. but on the next day's morning they are so flat already and just... not perfectly fresh (not like jhvsdvasj ugly D: just they're not like just-washed-really-nice-and-fresh-hair x: ! ) :7 and then styling problems anddd of course at the afternoon they look bad (-A-)' . as you know, my hair is dyed and the ends are dry. but come onnn DD: at the scalp they get greasy pretty fast >.<
I can't wash my hair on the morning 'cause of two reasons (-_-)"
1. I don't have time so I would have to get up at least one hour earlier... and I guess my flatmates would kill me if I used a hairdryer at 7am >_>;
2. I catch a cold or flu immediately (*A*)' especially when it's not summer...
oh... and a third reason which I totally forgot about (o.ó)'
so, 3 :"D . IT GETS WAVY AGAIN! just a bit of wind and bye bye straight hair >_____< wthhhhh!

anyways... I can't use those anti-greasy shampoos because my hair is dyed! and that kind of shampoos usually have citrus' extracts and wash the colour away :7 dry shampoo? no way. no time once again and I'd still have to use that freaking hairdryer....

so, any help? lol

I so wish I had money for Kerastase cosmetics (T_T)' WHY U SO EXPENSIVE?!