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Sunday, 8 January 2012

hello (>_<)
bad news minna-san (;_;)

the guy who is renting the flat I'm living in (+ flatmates) just said he wants to move in in February SO we have to move out until the end of the month.... WTF, SERIOUSLY?! D":
my flatmates are going to live together in the other city probably so I have to find something for myself (._.)" and I'm looking for just a small apartment, one room, no flatmates. I want to live alone with my hamster (;-;)

because I'm not a rich kid, I have to find something with a really good price and in a good location (I'm not going to spend and hour or more in the train just to get to the city....... ). it's a quite good time for looking for some flat because in this time of the year students aren't flowing into the city and  there are lots of flat-advertisements. but I'm still scared, you know...
the wirst thing is that this month I have some exams and then in February starts my mid-term exams... *sighs*

I hope I won't become a homeless person (TT)