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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hello hello :D it's the time for the RIGHT post haha (^^)v

finally! my new lenses review :D ! and other random things, but let's start with review :3 !

Bambi Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

I ordered my lenses from Eyecandy Lens :3
I've ordered lenses from them last time and I was really pleased with the products and stuff :3

my package contaned:
lenses :'D !
wear and care instruction
lens case
useful card where you can write when your lenses are going to expire

instruction was really pretty and colorful :3 I didn't take any better pics tho >.<


here it is!
this is how the lenses look like in normal day, without any flash or indoor lightning

my oppinion

comfort: 2/5

this is the worse CONS D: they're getting very dry quickly! I need to buy some good eye drops if I want to wear them for more than a few hours...

enlargement: 5/5

15.0mm is enough :D

design and color: 4,5/5

I love how do they blend even with my super bright eyes! besides that they give your eyes really dolly and a bit unnatural effect, but I like it.

buy them HERE

next thing ^^
today in my school we had a special guest which was Takahashi Tsubasa :D she's an artist/painter.
it was a nice lecture, Takahashi-san was really cute <3

I don't know if you can see that (enlarge the pic anyways ><; ) but she drew a cute kitty as her "hello" while Toho-sensei (on the left) was talking a bit about her life and art experience

:D !
it's the name of my school if someone was wondering ^^

one part of presentation. Takahashi-san showed us those... special foils that mangaka uses for the backgrounds in their manga 
PL: z tego co się orientuję, po polsku to chyba są rastry..?

and she also gave us cards so we could try and draw just like her!
I'm not really good at drawing tho (^^);;; 
so I just did that and at the end I gave it to her and thanked her very much for the lecture ^^
she's soooo niceeee and cute ahhh (;;w;;) !!!

and now the random thing X"D some time ago I bought this compact mirror and I thought it looked too plain... x:

I don't really do any deco stuff but at least I drew something on it :"D



that's all for now!