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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

hello hello!
just like I promised! review of the newest Maybelline New York's mascara is here :D YAY!

it's the newest mascara from Maybelline New York and it's also written "fiber extentions" on the package. I was really surprised and I soooo wanted to have it :D since in Japan are many manyyyy mascaras with fiberwigs ^^

ready :D ?


aaaaaaan AFTER! (note: only upper lashes are coated with mascara!)

wow, I can actually see the difference (o3o) ! I didn't really expect much, because you know... (~A~); it could be like with BB creams... when you compare normal (read: made in Asia xD ) BB cream with this european version from Garnier (x.x); <-- which is a normal foundation btw
but here... 
I'm positively surprised :D 

+ relatively cheap
+ really makes your lashes LOOOONG ;3
+ you can buy it (probably o.o; ) everywhere

- it crumbles a bit :7

final oppinion?
I'd give this mascara 4,5/5 :D

okay, now it's the time for my personal note xP if you don't feel like reading it, you can just close the page (^_^)v

after trying and trying AND tryingggg I came to one conclusion. I really CAN'T be gyaru (o.o); I don't look like gyaru and I never will. same with make up. I'm allergic to eyelash adhesives >.< really... those with and without latex too... it makes me really sad actually because I don't have any alternative now (._.); I'm also wondering about the future of this blog... so, what should I do now? no idea...
I guess I will just watch and love it from the distance *sighs*