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Friday, 27 April 2012

Hello my dears :3
I actually wanted to ask you a question ;D it might sound silly but I'm really curious about that...
I can't actually get a normal tan. my skin tone is just.... weird and it doesn't tan (o.ó)' besides, I have problem with varicose veins ( ; PL: żylaki)... it's just an early stage but both my parents have problems with that so I know it can get worse in my case too :7
what's more, you can't do many things when you have that problem, like TANNING for example >.<
but I want to be tanned D: ! I love sun beds (;_;)' .... but... what to do if I can't let my legs being exposed to the UV rays? any ideas HOW to do that (o.o); ??? shall I lay down on the sun bed in my pants or what xD'
lol, stupid post, I know.

love you,