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Sunday, 15 April 2012

hello my loves!
I know, I know... this entry should be about my new circle lenses but I was so lazy this weekend (v.v)" I promise to make it tomorrow!
anyways! do you like to dance? welllllll? ;D
me... hm... I actually hate it LOL XD even watching it makes me dizzy and I fall asleep lolololol honestly X"D BUT! I have to admit that I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee parapara <3 even tho I totally suck at this, I love it :D ! I love watching it and I'm trying to learn some easy routines (it's not easy when you don't have a big mirror in your room -_-' ) (v.v);;; .... I can show you my favourite ones for the begginers :D'

of course I have many more fav routines but these are the easiest ones :3
do you like parapara? maybe you do dance para? or maybe you even create your own routines like Pin (last routine :3 )?