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Monday, 23 April 2012

Hello hello :D
this is gonna be a small note with some pic spam actually xP

I should be actually studying for tomorrow's Culture Theory and japanese but ugh, I don't feel like doing this atm (x.x);;; *lazy*

food porn (^O^) !!!! I love ice creams and desserts from Grycan (polish company, yay! ) <333 from time to time it's good to spoil yourself with something like that <3 !!!

my faaaaavourite cigs EVER! 
Djarum's cigs are mostly contaigning Dianthus (PL: goździki :DD ) that's why their smell is different. besides they have a few taste veriety. these are cherry <3 omg, so good! like a cherry chewing gum!
too bad they're so expensive (;_;)' *sob*

 another random thing xD' 
(everybody has their moments u.u; !)

palette's mousse color hair dye! this time I decided to buy dark blonde. I will try it in a week, I hope it will look good! (^-^)v

ahhh, my new mascara! you've probably heard about japanese mascaras with fiber wig extentions, ne?
maybelline has just made something similar!
and since I'm still having that stupid allergy to eyelash adhesives, I decided to try it!
review soon!
and something... weird lol
it's called "blemish extractor" and it's produced by Sephora.
I guess I should make a different post about it x:

okay, now some small note!
remember when I said that those geo princess mimi dry really fast?
here's the reason (I forgot to mention it before ><; !):
Water content: 38% - 42% (that's what producer says!)
it's really poor (;_;) ! I could wear my lenses for only 4-5 hours normally and then they began to get so DRY and uncomfortable D:
I bought some eyedrops which are really good!
price isn't small (30PLN) and you can use them for 2 months after you open the bottle.
but they really helped! now I can wear my bambi lenses for the whole day <3

important note!!!!!!!
if you're going to buy ANY eyedrops, be SURE they're for SOFT LENSES! 
otherwise you may hurt your color contact lenses (;w;) !