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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Today, at Japanese Phenomena class we were talking about the image of women. From historical ages to recent. I was so happy, because it was also about gyaru (mostly Agejou) based on Koakuma Ageha magazine. Nana-sensei gace us three magazines, reaction was hmmm... so so :7 most of people were like "OMG, THAT'S SCARY!", "they don't look Japanese anymore D: ! " , "oh I wouldn't like to wake up next to her in the morning and get scared of a different face!" . I was mad at those people to be honest.... but luckily, Nana explained (at least she was trying ._.' people didn't change their minds... ) how does it really look like.
What do you think when you see a pretty, doll-like Agejou or Kyabajou gyaru? You probably think "wow, she's so pretty, so self confident. She has lots of brand clothing and the best make up and perfumes..." . No wonder why you think that. But well, after that comes a huge cost of having all of those. Koakuma Ageha models aren't professional. 99% of them (if not 100%) are or used to be hostesses. Do you think hostess life is so great? Lots of money, great clothes etc.? It's just the good side. Only pros. But what about cons? Working all night, drinking all the time, dealing with male clients..? It's not a "princess" ' life. Think about it...

Ageha is different from all gyaru magazines. Why? I'm sure that most of you just look at the pics, coordinates, hair-dos and make up tuts. What about the magazines' concept?

The rest of gyaru magz are about how to get men's attention. how to be famous and be loved BY MEN. And Ageha tells you "BE YOURSELF!"

武装、鎧としての[盛りヘア]や[デカ目] <--- That's what counts in Ageha.
busou - means armored
yoroi - armor
mori hair - big, heaped hair
deka me - big, round eyes

let me show you the meaning through one of Ageha models' post (it's been translated into english by Nana btw, so I will just re-write this. I guess it's from Sakurina's blog, not so sure tho).



The reason we heap our hair
is not just to make our faces look cute
but to protect ourselves from outside enemies
it was armory

so many heaped heads blending into the city
even if we don:t heap higher and higher, bigger and bigger,
we cab protect ourselves. the only thing left
is to wear armors on our hearts.

Ageha is the only magazine that efforts girls. They see the problems and say "hey! you're not alone... you CAN have such feelings, you are ALLOWED TO feel down and depressed. it's all okay, we're here for you and we have the same problems". Do you think it's weird? And do you people know how should the ideal Japanese woman be? They don't show their feelings to the world. They live unhappy but they always hide that behind their smiles. They obey their fathers, husbands and boyfriends. But what does Ageha tell you? You're not alone. You can live your own life, just be YOURSELF and try to be happy for your own self!

more translations:

Sleep, sleep, sleep... and cash flows out. My hikikomori era.

Being ignored is hell. I used to cry everyday in the shower.

I used to think I was the most unhappy person in the world.

If I die, I will be relieved. That:s why I want to die.

I wanted to be loved. I wanted my father to come and get me.

I don:t know what [happiness] is.

My head hurts when I go to work. When I get on the train, I cry.

After that class, I look different at these women. They are trying to find their own happiness in very tough Japanese society. They want to be theirselves, they want to be noticed... I really REALLY admire them. I am a weak woman myself. I often think about how stupid/ugly/etc. I am... Now I know... I'm not alone.


  1. nigdy sie nie zastanawialam nad tym w ten sposob..daje do myslenia...
    dziekuje za post :)

  2. Ja tak poza tematem...gdzie kupujesz swoje soczewki? Za ile i ile mają żywotności?