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Monday, 26 December 2011

how have you been? how was your Christmas? :3 I hope you've spent a really nice time (^_^) !
I was away from the civilisation >_>; literally... at my grandparent's village I can't use the internet and my mobile phone doesn't work well either (x.x)' but I'm back! after THREE long days!

my outfit and hair. shit, I'm so fucking FAT D:


but anyways, look at those cute things!

this cupcake thingy is a lipgloss :D 
I got it from my school-friend, Maya :3 !

a lovely letter and a very nice necklace from my Oniisan, Akihiro (^O^)
btw, can you see that "Thank You Postman!" :"D ? I died laughing, hahaha XD

I'm still a bit scared to unpack it (*-*)
it seems to be so fragile but sooo damn beautiful (;o;) <3

and a chocolate Santa from my aunt :"3
yumm >w<;

thank you so much!!!
that's all for today (^_^)