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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hello my dear Readers!
year 2011 is slowly (lol, right) ending and I thought I should do some resolution for the year 2012!
I hardly do what I decide to do ( ^^;;;; ) but this time I really want to try my best!

shall I start O: ?

 finish my studies and get a well paid job! 
believe me, I'm a lazy person and I hate learning the things I DO NOT like >.<; when I don't like something, I can;t memorize them (*A*)" but unfortunately, I can't learn japanese ONLY (at least not on my studies ne... ) so I'm not going to spend in school next two years for the master title.. I was thinking about many manyyy jobs and well... I guess I could be only the nail stylist (x.x)' we will see...

 make a final decision about my style and try to be the best at it
I'm not a very self-confident person so it's hard for me to decide about which gyaru style I should actually follow. I like many of them, but I think none of them really suits me (._.)" meh...

I'm a third year student (Japanese Culture's student) and I've never been in Japan (;___;) it makes me cry so bad... but that's mostly because I'm not a wealthy person and my country (Poland x.x' ) is rather poor... so a trip to Japan (and things like renting a room/flat + food + other useful things, not to mention SHOPPING) is quite expensive (T_T); bohoo... what to dooooooo ;; *sniffs*

 stop buying lots of cosmetics and start using those I already have!
yeah, I love spending money on cosmetics... my cosmetic bag is actually FULL and I really don't think I'd need anything for a long long time (o_O); maybe besides false lashes... 

 LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
does that need a comment? x":

 regular tanning!
10 minutes per week... it won't kill my skin (I hope ><" ) and I hope it will give me SOME tan...

 find out the best make up for me and be perfect at it
I never know what type of make up is the best for me. maybe it would be better if I only had bottom lashes... >.>"

 grown my hair
lately I've started to think pretty often about cutting my hair (*-*)" it's in a veryyyy annoying phase, you know D: I wish I could snap my fingers and make a magic :"D *snaps* LOOK, LONG HAIR! WOHOO! 

 try my best at gyaru and be recognized as one
well, I just wish I could make people think "hey, she's a gal!" when they see me. it's happened to me once and it was a GREAT feeling (;A;) ! I really DO love gyaru style... I just don't like people who try to bring me down saying I can't be gyaru just because of piercings, tattoos, etc. constructive criticism people! please, do THAT! I won't be a cute, super kawaii, lovely, popteen-like gyaru, deal with it!

for now, that would be all. I can't think of anything else (._.)"
anyways, wish me luck! and please, leave me a comment if you have any questions or notes.