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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Today I found this pic with description on tumblr and I decided to share it with you :3 I find it very interesting and I wish I could get all these products >.>' maybe one day... or maybe you know some cheaper products that would work too?

♥ Facial Wash: IKKO 女王乳肌洗顔 I couldn’t find the product on the website. I think its been discontinued.
♥ Serum: Vitamin C Essence. Tsu-chan says its for whitening your face, I think…
♥ Lotion: Mild Lotion Pat onto your face. Note: They also have Mild Lotion II which is a renewed version. The Original Lotion is still being sold.
♥ Moisturizer: Olive Virgin Oil Spread and Massage on your face and down your neck. Note: This is $40 I would suggest trying out the mini/travel sized version to see if thats what you really want. 
♥ Primer: SK-II Signs Control Base Prevents dry skin and sebum. Note: This is also VERY expensive. Then again if it works you can spend your money all you want. I suggest looking for something just as good but not as expensive. 
♥ Base Make-up: Candy Doll Mineral Powder 01 & SUQQU Base
♥ Cleaning: Labo Labo Super Keana Oil Cleansing Cleans all of the pores.Note: Only available in Japan. You can use a shipping service to get it. But I don’t think its worth it for a $19 cleansing wash.
♥ Point Make-up Remover: Vaseline If you don’t get all of your make-up off Tsu-chan uses a Q-tip and Vaseline to get in those tight spots. Notes: Just get it. Vaseline is always useful. 
 BATH TIME~: IKKO Body Scrub 下鳥の女王乳塩 Why can I never find the exact link of any of IKKO’s Products?! 
♥ Body Lotion/Care: Kose Coenrich Q10 White Body Milky Cream Deep Moisture Used after the bath to stop dryness.

♥ Facial Wash: Deep Cleansing OilCleanser used in place of her IKKO one. 
♥ Soap: Mild Soap A conditioning cleanser. Allows the essence to absorb faster.
♥ Serum: Vitamin C Essence. Same as above.
♥ Lotion: Mild Lotion Same as above. 
♥ Oil: Olive Virgin Oil Sames as above.

DHC is a very good brand that has got so many good reviews. But this routine doesn’t work for all people. It looks like she has dry skin but on her T-zone and forehead (my guess from the products that she uses). DHC has a What’s My Skin Type calculator thing on their website. Take it to find the amazing DHC products that suit you!

<---- doesn't it sound great for your skin?! O:

I want them all!!!!

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  1. U nas są tego typu kosmetyki?
    Rzęsy z allegro, 5 zł para. Nigdy nigdzie nie widziałąm innych dolnych rzęś