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Monday, 19 December 2011

hello hello~!

well, as you already know I want to get some tan x: so I started yesterday with my fav self tanning lotion and bronzing balm (^3^)

yeahhh :D !
I love them <3 hihi

but... I want better effects so I'm gonna try again with the tanning beds... >.>;
10 minutes a week... I hope it won't be too much for my skin and I will FINALLY get at least... beige? (;_;)'
*as white as possible*

hello, UVA :"D

I also bought this today...

I know it's for normal-to-dark skin >.<;
I don't use those for pale skin because they make it... gold.
and I want BEIGE! BEIGEEEE! 
so yeah... x:

also made new gel nails yesterday x:
I don't like doing them by myself because it's just... hard XD

random food porn x:
I started eating like that everyday. my EVERY dinner looks like that!
I hope it will help me lose some weight (T^T);