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Sunday, 18 December 2011


Lately I got really interested into ora-ora kei >3< ! and after thinking a lot, I decided to try it out. I really adore ora-ora gals, they are extremely COOL! Piercings, wa-tattoos, black, leather, cheetah and zebra prints... skulls and crowns.... I love it :D ! And, what's more important - you don't really have to be tanned in ora-ora... well, not anymore at least :"D Soul Sister magazine shows models who are both pale and tanned! of course, I will try to get some tan again... I will never be as black as they are (mostly because my skin doesn't tan :"D I have to use lots of bronzers.... ) but I will try!

it doesn't mean I will leave amekaji! I just want to try something new which - I hope - will look good on me. but we will see ne. and now, inspirations! :D

I'm not really someone who feels well in very girly, cutie clothing (such as Popteen style), agejou isn't for me either. so maybe this one will do! what do you think?

love love,